The GADT Association

The GADT Association

GISAD initiated the „Global Association for Decentralised Transformation“ (GADT) as an association independent from GISAD for a global decentralised transformation.

This association is tasked with promoting the global idea of global decentralisation. GISAD, as an institute, deals particularly with the changes in the digital transformation through technology.

The topic of decentralised transformation is broad:

  • In the framework of globalisation, resulting structures and forms of organisation should be reviewed and adapted to a global decentralised age.
  • Successful decentralised projects in politics, economy and society are to be publicised and transferred to other regions.

Whether Europe’s future leads to a golden age of global decentralisation is not dependent on a single technical development, but on the fundamental will to transition the pre-digital achievements to the decentralised transformation.

It is paradoxical to connect autonomous systems to a centralised IT. In this way, many advantages such as the resilience of autonomous systems to cyber-attacks are cancelled.

Decentralised global networking transfers the strengths of autonomous systems onto the societal digitisation.

In order to be successful, it is necessary to have an advocacy group for the decentralised transformation. This advocacy group must become a counterweight to lobbyists in politics and economy who defend an outdated centralised globalisation.

Decentralisation is not limited to the use of decentralised networks. Rather, decentralisation is involved in all areas of the digital transformation. Whether companies reposition themselves in the market, institutions organise an emergency management, politicians create market incentives, or unclear structures of the financial sector need reshaping, the possibility of decentralisation must always be taken into account.

In doing so, wrong incentives should not be created; wrong measures should not be prioritised. Protectionism harms more than it brings. The advocacy group aims to promote concepts which integrate the advantages of decentralisation within a global world through common standards with others in an intelligent way.

If you are interested in becoming a founding member of GADT, please do not hesitate to contact us.