Social structure relevance

Social structure relevance

The Torii gates in Kyoto are a good example of a structure-relevant project. The first archway was already donated before the year 800. Until today, individuals and companies are responsible for maintaining individual parts among thousands of archways. The Torii gates are today a world-famous landmark in Japan.

How do we define social structure relevance?

  • Sustainability

The digital transformation significantly accelerates the social change. Digital projects cannot be expected to last a thousand years. A structure-relevant project should however have a social impact on the next ten years.

  • Broad social acceptance

In the digital transformation, there will be winners and losers as with any change. Often, widening the benefiting target group can lead to a substantial increase in social acceptance.

  • Maintaining democratic achievements

GISAD has its seat in democratic Europe and its motto is „united in diversity“. The European view of the world is the basis for the assessment on structure relevance.

  • Interdisciplinary approach

Business plans are usually created from an economic point of view. In addition, prior to the start of a project, the technical feasibility is examined. These views are further completed by GISAD by a scientifically coordinated approach to the respective project.

  • Legal conformity

GISAD verifies the legal conformity of projects, taking into account the resulting impact on all stakeholders in the value creation.

Why is the structure relevance of projects so important for GISAD?

  • Start-ups with system-relevant ideas have a hard time holding their own in business competitions, since here the focus is on projects with short-term yield for the financial backers. Projects with real structure relevance also significantly change the existing competitive landscape. Strong resistance is to be expected from those market players affected. A GISAD assessment will help securing financial backers who are interested in sustainable projects.
  • In the digital transformation, existing companies need a lot of money to take control of their market shares or to secure new ones. If the perspective from a social / consumer point of view is prevalent, bad investments may occur. Therefore, for a long time, the projected sales in areas such as e-health and smart home remain far behind expectations. In times of disruptive business models, possible future competitors unexpectedly entering the domestic market from other business fields can only be identified by means of a general societal perspective.

Expert advice for start-ups:

GISAD targets idea promoters, whether natural persons or companies, from all over the world.

  • It should be clearly defined who should benefit financially and morally from the idea.
  • The idea should be clear and easy to explain.
  • The ROI (return on investment) should be estimated in years. However, 10 years should not be exceeded.
  • A fully detailed business plan is not required.

Monitoring of projects:

Companies and other institutions can have their projects checked in regards to social structure relevance. GISAD accompanies the entire project or formulates an expert assessment before the market launch.