EN All for one EU! An analysis of over 50 EU initiatives

This study is on GISAD’s statements based on over 50 EU initiatives. The approach was against the background taken of a Marshall Plan for digitisation developed by GISAD over more than 20 years.

This study underpins the Marshall Plan from the perspective of economic efficiency, competitiveness and the positive effects for society that can be from it generated. The digital status quo of the EU is with the monopoly-driven gatekeepers of the USA and the totalitarian Chinese Social Credit System compared. Considerable deficits of the European digitization strategy to date become visible.

There is no doubt that the EU is proud of its diversity and wants to preserve it. This can only be with its own European Digital System (EU-D-S) achieved.

Policy makers can request this study free of charge at vip(at)gisad.eu.