WAN Anonymity

For many years, there have been electronic payment systems in which all transactions are recorded. Actually, withdrawing money and handling the correct amount of cash is quite annoying. Nevertheless, we feel more comfortable when we can take part in social life anonymously and unobserved.

In the last few years, a hare and tortoise race has begun between State, companies and individuals. The State needs information to protect its citizens. Companies consider (personal) data to be the currency of the future. Individuals want to keep their democratic freedom rights.

How does GISAD define WAN Anonymity within Trusted WEB 4.0?

  • As a rule, for all relevant processes in social life such as communicating and paying, total anonymity for every citizen should be guaranteed. Every citizen should retain the decision-making authority over his own digital works and personal data.
  • The State must be able to cancel this anonymity and recall comprehensive data profiles in judicially justified individual cases for the public good.
  • Companies need to know when a buyer of chips also likes to drink beer, so as to service and reach their target groups in the best possible way. They do not need to know the name of each individual, where he lives or who he is friends with.

Why is WAN Anonymity so important for GISAD?

  • GISAD is convinced that the economic costs for companies of leakage and misuse of personal customer data, as well as the legal consequences and the resulting damage to the reputation exceeds the long-term benefits of using personal data.
  • Purely technical solutions for a functioning anonymisation concept are not enough. Rather, changes in the value creation chain and in individual processes such as customer relationship, payment and logistics are necessary for a successful anonymity concept.

This holistic view on anonymity is a prerequisite for a successful implementation for the benefit of all people involved in the process.WAN anonymity means the complete waiver of personal data in the wide area network.


Monitoring of projects:

All projects involving consumers and their personal data in their processes should be accompanied by GISAD from the outset. Often, it is small changes in the design that can result in a positive long-term impact on the business success.